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We imagine a world where Lake Forest and Lake Bluff's public schools serve as exemplary models for North Shore school districts, producing consistently high levels of academic achievement due to a culture that promotes academic rigor, curricular integrity, operational transparency, and responsible budgeting.

Our Mission

To bring our vision to fruition, we plan to grow Parents Care into an enduring pillar of the community as an independent and non-partisan organization that provides academic, operational, and fiscal oversight and advocates for student-first policies and budgets.


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Special Report: The $30,000.00 Construction Documentary

At a STARTING cost of $29,424- plus $250/hour- District 115's  "Under the Hardhat" documentary is salt in the wound following Dr. Montgomery's "no fluff" promised $106,000,000.00 tax increase. SUBSCRIBE AND STAY INFORMED The majority of taxpayers agree: Lake Forest High School District 115's recent taxpayer-subsidized publicity stunt- ironically trying to convince taxpayers that their money is being wisely spent- is a bridge too far. We won't be manipulated into "feeling" that our tax dollars are being wisely spent when all evidence shows the contrary.

February 16, 2024

Op-Ed: Rethinking Snow Days

While Chicago winters require schools to balance the importance of school attendance with safety, the administration must update its school closure policies to align their decision with real-time conditions, not a forecast alert. Forecast alerts overstate the impact and magnitude of storm systems due to an industry-accepted practice known as “wet bias” under the rationale that the value to life in overprojecting risks outweighs the inconveniences of public overpreparation. Unfortunately, in their value calculation, meteorological organizations do not consider that school administrations would base closures on advanced alerts and forecasts instead of real-time conditions. However, to be fair, this burden should not fall on meteorologists; we should expect school administrators to differentiate between a public forecast alert and real-time conditions.

January 12, 2024

Community Op-Ed: "Portrait of a District: the Inconvenient Truth"

Last week, I heard an interview with Lake Forest District 115 & 67 superintendent Dr. Matthew Montgomery and District 115 board president John Noble on Lake Forest on Topic, a Lake Forest for Transparency program.  During the podcast, both men defended the disappointing 2023 Illinois Report Card proficiency rates earned by Lake Forest High School (LFHS) students. Mr. Noble downplayed school-to-school score comparisons, highlighting instead successful academic “growth” over the course of a student’s career at District 67 & 115, and Dr. Montgomery, likewise, emphasized a “constant state of improvement” among students. Dr. Montgomery went on to elicit his favorite talking point that, though 35% of students languish below proficiency in Math and Reading, LFHS ranks among the top 10% of Illinois high schools.

December 22, 2023
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