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Our Vision

We imagine a world where Lake Forest and Lake Bluff's public schools serve as exemplary models for North Shore school districts, producing consistently high levels of academic achievement due to a culture that promotes academic rigor, curricular integrity, operational transparency, and responsible budgeting.

Our Mission

To bring our vision to fruition, we plan to grow Parents Care into an enduring pillar of the community as an independent and non-partisan organization that provides academic, operational, and fiscal oversight and advocates for student-first policies and budgets.


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LFHS: 1 in 3 Students Left Behind

As fathers of children in Lake Forest Schools, we hoped that the 2022-2023 State of Illinois report card would demonstrate what the Lake Forest Schools administration has been emphasizing about 2021-2022's assessment data: that it was just one data point of minor concern. Yet, to our dismay, the release of the 2022-2023 ISBE report card reveals that the current leadership of the Board of Education and Lake Forest administration continues to leave 1 in 3 children behind. District 115 Percent Meeting Basic Proficiency(Per the State of Illinois)

October 31, 2023

A Disappointing"Post-COVID Recovery..."

Next week, the release embargo on the 2022-2023 Illinois Report Cards will lift, and we expect Lake Bluff and Lake Forest Schools to release assessment results soon after. However, a snapshot preview of District 67's proficiency rates has been released, and after careful consideration, we have decided to share our thoughts on the early preview of District 67's performance.

October 25, 2023

Is the District Doing All it Can to Protect Our Children from Sexual Abuse?

In the wake of recent developments at our local high school district, it's become increasingly challenging to determine how committed the D115 administration and school board are to maintaining a safe and sexual misconduct-free environment. Recently, the Board of Education and Administration directed its trial lawyers to plead in Federal Court that the District had "no duty to protect a student who was allegedly sexually abused by a teacher." Thankfully, the court rejected this argument.

October 10, 2023
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