Hi, Parents!

As school began, we at Parents Care thought it would be a great time to reintroduce ourselves and help you better understand our vision, mission, and values.

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What is Parents Care 2023/2024?

Our Vision

We envision schools where students are engaged in rich curriculums and evidence-based instructional styles that demonstrate their value by producing the highest attainable student achievement.

The schools we envision center students in every decision, from budgeting to allocating resources, with respect to taxpayers.

To ensure that academics and instruction are focused on what will produce the best student outcomes and that budgets are created with students in mind, we envision highly transparent schools where almost everything you would ever want to know- from teaching and learning to financial accounting- is readily available and accessible online.

Our Mission

To ensure our vision one day becomes a reality, Parents Care is involved daily in providing rigorous oversight of our schools, communicating what we learn to the greater community, partnering with and engaging community members to ensure they have a voice, and advocating for families and their children when their needs are not at the forefront of our school administrator's and Board members' decision cycle.

The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars of Parents Care grounds the work we do and keeps us mission-focused. In other words, everything we do at Parents Care is informed by a desire to achieve:

1. High Student Achievement

2. Academic Excellence

3. Transparency

4. Fiscal Responsibility


Thank you for your continued support,

Parents Care of Lake Forest & Lake Bluff

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