First and foremost, we are thankful to our community for the outpouring of support and the generous offers of financial assistance. While Parents Care is not currently accepting financial contributions, we would be honored if you helped sponsor a local teacher instead.

Supporting a local classroom

Ms. Yosselin Ramirez is a teacher and former student of our executive director, Mr. Frank McCormick. She is seeking $1500 in financial contributions to sponsor a STEM program for young girls at Howe Elementary School in Beach Park, IL.

If every one of our members gave $1.00, we could raise over $6000 to support STEM projects and field trips for Ms. Ramirez's classroom and many more elementary school students at Howe Elementary School.

While District 115 continues to waste tens of thousands in taxpayer dollars on what can only be described as a self-congratulatory propaganda campaign to convince you to part with more of your money, Parents Care has not asked the community for a single penny. However, we are asking for your support of an excellent local teacher and some young girls in great need of the kindness of strangers.

We sincerely thank you for your time and consideration, and as always, for putting children first.