At a STARTING cost of $29,424- plus $250/hour- District 115's  "Under the Hardhat" documentary is salt in the wound following Dr. Montgomery's "no fluff" promised $106,000,000.00 tax increase.


The majority of taxpayers agree: Lake Forest High School District 115's recent taxpayer-subsidized publicity stunt- ironically trying to convince taxpayers that their money is being wisely spent- is a bridge too far.

We won't be manipulated into "feeling" that our tax dollars are being wisely spent when all evidence shows the contrary.

Special Report: The $30,000.00 Construction Documentary

Spending YOUR hard-earned money on a promotional documentary- created by an external film production company- to try and recover the District's declining approval rating is a disrespectful waste of your tax dollars and an insult to the community's intelligence.

"It's not their money!"

At a time when transparency and accountability are crucial, the District's decision to invest in unnecessary promotional videos raises serious concerns. Why opt for costly external professionals when more economical options, such as utilizing internal resources or harnessing student talent, are available? With already substantial expenditures on communication roles – ~$98,445 for a Communications Manager and ~$159,800 for a Communications Director in base salaries – one wonders why these individuals aren't deemed capable of producing basic information videos.

This revelation further underscores the excess of tax dollars within the School District.

Just last week, Superintendent Matt Montgomery and his School Board of "yes-men" announced the expansion of one administrative position into two, following recent teacher pay raises and substantial administrative salary increases, notably Superintendent Matt Montgomery's 23% salary hike to $366,971.

It seems the only metrics not rising faster than inflation are student enrollment and academic performance.

Come November, will anyone be surprised when Finance Director Jennifer Hermes seeks the Board's approval for a maximum allowable increase to the property tax levy, as has been the trend every other year?

It is increasingly evident that our elected school board lacks concern for fiscal prudence or oversight, instead favoring the allocation of taxpayer dollars to the Superintendent and his team without adequate scrutiny.

This reckless disregard for taxpayers' interests casts severe doubts on the District's financial stewardship.

Taxpayers rightfully expect their funds to be used judiciously and focused primarily on the educational mission rather than wasted on unnecessary expenditures.

The elected School Board members should feel ashamed of their actions.

- Parents Care Editorial Team

See the financial documents HERE.