Parents Care is tremendously excited to announce that our board formally approved the appointment of former teacher and education activist Mr. Frank McCormick to the executive director position.

Frank McCormick Named Executive Director of Parents Care

Frank is a third-generation Lake Forester who attended both Lake Forest High School and Lake Forest College. While he has lived in Lake Bluff and Lake Forest most of his life, you may know him from his media appearances and parental rights advocacy at the local and national levels.

Graduating with a dual major degree in Education and History and the Senior Prize in Student Teaching for his accomplishments at Highland Park High School, Frank brings with him a wealth of experience, having taught history, political science, geography, and economics for over eleven years at Waukegan High School and Loyola Academy.

As a former unionized public school teacher, no one knows the inner workings of the public school system better than Frank. It was his firsthand experience and disillusionment with the system he once served that led him to blow the whistle on the ideological bias and rampant corruption hurting the students of Waukegan Public Schools.

Frank responded to his appointment with the following statement, "as a former teacher who understands school systems in Illinois inside and out, I am overjoyed to bring my advocacy back home to my home community."   

We know that as a Lake Forest resident, licensed teacher, savvy writer and public speaker, and growing media personality, Frank will be an incredible asset to Parents Care. Furthermore, we believe that under his leadership, Parents Care will grow to become a permanent fixture in our community that holds our public servants accountable for student performance and spending and advocates on behalf of our children and stakeholders.