This is the second in our Opinion Series, where ParentsCare is sharing opinions from the community (pro, con, and other) to help you consider the April 4th $106 Million bond proposal from different perspectives. 

Opinion Series: The Case for the Bond

ParentsCare has not taken a position concerning the bond referendum, and the organization is not a political campaign for either side.  

Read the first piece in our opinion series from Jeff Brincat.

Here we share the second in our series, a video published by School District 115 campaigning for the bond. 

(We were unable to identify a community member willing to submit an essay in support of the bond despite 2-weeks of our best efforts)

The video features District 115 employees Matthew Montgomery, Erin Lenart, Joey Kowalik & Glen Leyden, District Board Members Jenny Zinzer and John Noble, Project Architect Rick Young, and Chamber of Commerce Director Joanna Rolek.

The video was produced by Delack Media Group of Barrington, who works with some of the world's top corporate brands.

Thank you for being an engaged member of our community!



Read the first piece in our opinion series from Jeff Brincat
Read the third in our opinion series from Erik Carrier