It has been alleged by multiple LFHS alumni that Dave Miller- a teacher for over 30 years at Lake Forest High School- sexually molested them while they were students.

Now, a recent article reveals that Lake Forest High School District 115 made a legal argument that it "owes no duty to protect a student who was allegedly sexually abused by a teacher." 

As community members and fathers, we found this news to be extremely disheartening and disappointing, especially considering that the alleged Dave Miller sexual abuse scandal is not the only such instance of abuse to occur at LFHS.


No Duty to Protect Students?!

As a community, we must face the facts: a multitude of former students have come forward with sexual abuse allegations against multiple teachers.

A series of allegations occurring over a sustained period of time are not simply "unfortunate isolated incidents;" they constitute a larger pattern.

Furthermore, is the District Leadership and Board of Education's position one we as a community are comfortable taking? 

Is it representative of the self-proclaimed values of the District?

A lot of time and money has been spent on the "One LFHS" initiative. 

One LFHS expounds upon the importance of Ownership and Responsibility and argues the importance of ensuring "(the) lives and needs of all students are validated, recognized, and appreciated.

Yes, those are nice optics, but what about the LFHS alumni and community members allegedly sexually abused by LFHS D115 employees?

Is One LFHS? "inclusive" of them?

Is the District taking ownership and responsibility for what happened to its students on their watch? Are the victims' experiences validated and recognized?

Ultimately, that is for you to decide, but for a District that has spent many years and much time and money fighting the victims of abuse in court, the words of One LFHS appear as little more than niceties.

It's time to live up to what being a Scout means and to do better for the victims and ensure this NEVER happens again.

Thank you,

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