You will recall that a few weeks ago, Parents Care brought to light more exorbitant spending by Lake Forest School Districts 67/115 in the form of a new parking lot at the Admin Headquarters on Waukegan Road.

Another New Luxury Parking Lot forAdministration?!

On the heels of a $106,000,000.00 Bond and record (up to 23%) raises for the administrators (not for teachers, custodians, etc.), Lake Forest Schools sunk $4,400,000.00 in taxpayer's money into sprucing up their admin headquarters (with another approx. $10,600,000.00 still to go on their offices).


Most visible on this project was a new $800,000.00 parking lot for the administrators under the leadership of Matt Montgomery and Jen Hermes.

That's right, the better part of a Million dollars, so they could have the very best in North Shore school district administrator parking.

Now, not to be outdone, the administrators in Lake Bluff have fought back against this tyrannical "parking inequity" and declared Lake Bluff School District 65 will not take a back seat to any school district in Illinois. 

Lake Bluff School District 65 Administrators are giving themselves a brand new, brick paver (no asphalt for Lake Bluff) top-shelf lot.

They have installed (or rather, the taxpayers have) a parking lot worthy of any lakefront estate.

What makes this particularly egregious?

This luxurious spending on the administrative headquarters takes place when:

  • ISBE standardized test scores have never been lower in Lake Bluff.
  • Less than half of the students in District 65 read on their grade level; same with Math (per ISBE standards)
  • Taxpayer funding has never been higher.

Parents Care tried to get answers:

Sadly, when contacted by Parents Care for the exact cost of the lot, the landscaping, and the new lighting, the district declined to provide it to us.

We have initiated a FOIA request for this information.

A couple of questions in closing:

1.  When will they concentrate on restoring educational achievement to prior levels?

2.   Why do Administrators feel they can "treat" themselves to an exorbitant paver project for the "bosses" when they can't address the historically low scores?


There is a very good reason very few homes or businesses have these brick parking lots:

They are just plain expensive with little return other than aesthetics.

Why is this rationale lost on these public servants?

Thank you for your continued support!