Epic rapper Notorious BIG said it all, "Mo Money, Mo Problems," and Superintendent Matt Montgomery and the D67 Board seem to have their version of this rap standard addressing issues at Cherokee Elementary. If the complaints we have received from parents and teachers these last 24 hours are any indication, for Cherokee and other Lake Forest Schools, the title of this song would be: 


Mo Money, Mo Consultants

We are all too aware of the issues at Cherokee School in District 67. The administration does not support teachers, pressure is exerted on whistleblowers, and classrooms are continuously disrupted, with kids not receiving the support they need/deserve.

In the past week, our reporting hotline has gone from 4-5 teacher tips a day to 6-9, and then, this recent announcement:

Let's remember these issues brought to the light of late are set against the background of dismal student achievement delivered by this administration:

Student Proficiency at Cherokee (per Illinois State Board of Education):

% of Students NOT Proficient in English Language Arts: 44.3%

% of Students NOT Proficient in Mathematics: 46.6%

So, to be clear, after creating this mess, the answer was to hire another consulting firm to undertake a "multi-year partnership" to change the "climate, culture, teaching and learning."  

Oh, wait! There's more!

These additional consultants "will help develop a vision connected with the school's strategic plan."

Of course, we have to start with an "insight assessment."  The consultants must be overjoyed; their initial assessment begins at Cherokee on 5/6 and 5/7.

Let's all recognize this for what it is—the continued failure of the Administration and Board to deal with issues that have been brewing for too long.  

And once again, the answer is to bring in the consultants. These are the people who, in the words of one business expert, "Steal your watch and force you to ask them what time it is!" 

But the real question is, why can't these issues be solved by the leaders we pay tens of millions of taxpayer dollars? Such as the:

  • Superintendent
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Cherokee Principal Dr. Cavanaugh
  • Human Resources Department addressing climate/culture
  • Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Building Coaches at Cherokee
  • Communications Department
  • Innovation Coaches
  • Director of School Improvement
  • Etc...

These administrators are all deemed essential, but they can't resolve these issues at ONE single school?!

Where is our superintendent to solve these ongoing problems? Where is our Board?

In the private sector, it is well known that all too often, consultants provide weak management excuses for justifying specific actions ("this is the plan the consultants gave us) or rationalizing failure ("we did what the consultants told us").

Again, we ask: Who is in charge here, and where is the leadership our teachers, parents, and children deserve?