The Illinois State Board of Education released its School District Report Card and Data Set in October 2022. One metric it measures is per student spend by School District. Here are our local results: 

LFHS 5th Highest Per Student Spend in the State


District  Per Student Spend

State Rank 

(824 Total Districts -Min 100 Students Enrolled)

Roundout District 72 $32,607


Lake Forest High School District 115

 $31,534  4

Lake Forest Elementary District 67

$23,893 37

Lake Bluff Elementary District 65

$19,615 104

The chart below lists the total spend per pupil and the state rank of school directs in Illinois with at least 100 enrolled students: 

Here are the comparisons to school districts located on the North Shore: 

Our community spends more per student than almost every other community in Illinois.  With such high relative spending, we at Parents Care believe that it is our responsibility to hold our School Districts accountable for delivering corresponding academic performance for our students.  Do you agree? 

We've got the number crunchers working on analyzing the State Report Card data to evaluate how our Districts perform relative to other Districts across the State and the North Shore.