It's time to take action for our children!

You can access the Parents Care "Take Action" landing page at the following link, where you can do several things to help make a difference.

Most importantly, contact your Board representatives elected to represent YOU and YOUR CHILDREN (not administrative bureaucrats).

It's Time to Take Action

Let us be the first to say we completely empathize with your anger and frustration. After all, what action have we seen from the district in light of record-low student achievement?

  • A campaign for a bond referendum that cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising material.
  • Another bond that will cost taxpayers close to $180,000,000.00 by the time it is paid off.
  • Administrative raises within a week of the bond passing as high as23%.
  • Cuts to vital teaching aide positions.
  • A massive FERPA violation where hundreds of families of children with disabilities had their private information exposed.
  • "Priority" construction on the administrative center this summer costing $4,000,000.00+ (taking place before the allegedly "critical" infrastructure needs of the high school and with outstanding ADA violations).

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Nearly every FOIA request we have submitted has been denied, and we have had to rely on anonymous tips from whistleblowers inside the district to acquire some of this information.

If this is what's on the surface, imagine what they're hiding by denying our FOIA requests.

We understand that learning the truth about our school district and its priorities is not fun. It dispels what we want to believe about our schools and leaves us feeling powerless. However, the first step to meaningful change is accepting the truth and taking action.

We thank you for being brave and dedicated enough to do what is right for our children and community.

Change is coming, but it requires our collective voices!

Thank you for advocating for our kids,

Note: to the teachers and administrative assistants who have been vital whistleblowers, PLEASE remember not to use your official district email. You may continue to send us tips to [email protected], but please do so from a private email address