Introducing Parents Care Lake Forest & Lake Bluff

Parents Care is a newly formed initiative that believes that our schools should produce the high student achievement we expect for our communities with responsible budgets.  We invite you to learn more at our website.

"It's all in the name!"...

Introducing Parents Care

Because our community prides itself on the quality of the local schools, we should not accept declining standards as a pathway toward baseline achievement accolades. Sadly, in our beloved home state, our county, and now, in our backyards, an alarming trend has come home to roost: a steady acceptance of lower standards in our public educational system. Historically, relocating families consider the local school system the most significant factor. Therefore, there is a great need for a spotlight on our districts to provoke constructive dialogues. Without honest self-reflection, improvement and accountability will be insufficient. 

"Academic achievement has NEVER been lower here in 65/67 and 115" 

Despite spending among Illinois' highest per capita student spending, we are declining in almost every measurable academic metric. A recent State ranking advised that only 70% of our 11th graders at LFHS were on their grade level for verbal skills! The middle and elementary schools in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff are also lagging, creating a weak foundation for continued developmental success. 

"Getting the most of our educational funding" - 

In the most recent community satisfaction survey, over 80% of residents felt that our schools are not providing an acceptable value for the cost. Student per capita spending at Lake Forest High School is $31,534which is the 4th highest of any District in Illinois with at least 100 students.

Administrative spending (not classroom dollars) for Districts 67 & 115 was up 38% over last year, according to our analysis of the State Board of Education Report Card public data.

"There is no light at the end of the tunnel" - 

Parents have yet to see a comprehensive approach to set this district back on its expected pedestal. Our administrations (past and present), enabled by an idle school board, continue to accept mediocrity instead of pursuing the difficult task of improving the educational pathway for students. While celebrating comparisons to schools in the entire state, neither the board nor administration has illustrated a dedication to improving proficiency and other testing metrics. We must measure our school's performance against neighboring schools with similar spending priorities. When people list the top high schools in the Noth Shore and state, rarely is LFHS mentioned. Where is the plan for turning these shortcomings around?

Like all parents, we agree that we have no more incredible blessing than our children. We should not sit idly, unwilling to seek a better road forward for our students. We are fortunate to have vast resources in our districts, and we can use these resources more efficiently to create better outcomes. We wish to support our teachers and educators not only with encouragement but by creating a stronger foundation for growth and development. Like all sound support systems, we need an honest dialogue regarding not just our strengths but also the real weaknesses present in our districts. 

Through constructive oversight and feedback, our community can help provide a more reliable platform upon which professionals can perform. 

"Parents Care - Lake Forest, Lake Bluff" is officially launched!  

Stand by for regular updates, announcements, District news, a hotline feature, etc. Sadly, what we are doing at the district level is not working - we all know that. More of the same will mean more of the same results. There is nothing more effective than an informed, involved parent, and we welcome every single member of our community. We believe in Responsibility and Accountability from OUR schools - they are OUR children!

Please visit our website for more information and to sign up for regular updates.

Thank you,