We would like to take a moment to wish all the fathers in our community a happy Father's Day.

Happy Fathers Day

When we created Parents Care, we did so as fathers that cared.

We cared about the many children in our community suffering from the academic achievement that was less than what we knew they were capable of.

We cared about the reckless spending that prioritized the adults employed by taxpayers over the children they are duty-bound to put first.

We cared about our school districts' obfuscation of truth to preserve the status quo.

Above all, we cared about how all these things impacted children and families.

Sometimes this work is hard! We've endured attacks from the administration, people have called us names, and it's not always fun being in the spotlight. However, we will never stop fighting for ALL our kids.

That's our Father's Day pledge to you!

Dads, thank you for all that you do, and moms, thank you for putting up with us!

Thank you,

Frank, Jeff, and Philippe