In the interest of transparency, we are happy to promote further last week's Lake Forest Podcast, which features Superintendent Matt Montgomery and District115 Board President John Noble. You can view it here.

To be sure, we hope you enjoy this opportunity to hear about so many of the district's and board's positions directly from them during this interview.

Regretfully, we must call your attention to a grave matter.

Superintendent Montgomery’s allegation that Parents Care is an opposition group and, in particular, a very disparaging and baseless allegation he made:
Dr. Montgomery, Please Apologize for Your Unfounded Accusations

Let Us Be Clear: Parents Care has NEVER labeled Dr. Montgomery with those accusations, nor have we ever said he supports grooming, child molesters, or that he abuses children.

We do not allege, nor do we believe, that Dr. Montgomery is someone who supports grooming, child molesters, or the abuse of children.

To be sure, we believe that Dr. Montgomery wants safe schools. However, we have questions and concerns over District policies and handling certain matters.


Dr. Montgomery's Claim is Unfair and Hurtful

To be sure, we have criticized various District policies and actions taken by Dr. Montgomery as superintendent, but Dr. Montgomery is wrong to claim our organization has labeled him in this way. It just isn't true. 

We find it troubling that he uses this "dog whistle" in addition to his repeated "opposition group" claims.

Why have we not heard about it until now?

We have always made it clear to the Board Presidents and Superintendent that we encourage them to email or call us if anything we release needs to be corrected. Despite this, neither a district employee nor any board member ever contacted us about these alleged labels.

Why are we just now hearing about it on a public podcast?

We allowed them to correct us!

Just over a week ago, our executive director emailed the school district's attorney to ask her to specify any "unfounded accusations" and allow us the opportunity to issue a correction.

The school district's attorney has not responded.

Based on the following facts, all we can infer is that Superintendent Dr. Montgomery's patently false accusations were—as was his "opposition group" label—just one more attempt to discredit parents who advocate for safer and better schools for our children.

That is, after all, what we are all about: Better schools through community oversight.

In the coming days and weeks, we will provide additional commentary on this podcast's high points and share them with you all, so we all know the District and Board positions that are vital to our local schools and children.  

Thank you again for your concern for our children!


Parents Care
Lake Forest and Lake Bluff