While the average American's raise is dwarfed by inflation, our schools' administrators are enjoying double-digit raises on the backs of taxpayers.

Double-Digit D67/115 Administrator Raises Follow Narrow Passing of $106,000,000.00 Bond.

Last week we revealed that Superintendent Matthew Montgomery was awarded a 23% increase to his salary in a new five-year contract for his bond campaign that will cost taxpayers $180,000,000.00 over the bond's lifetime. As our team has continued digging, we've discovered that the Superintendent was not alone in receiving such a hefty raise.

Administrator Raise Highlights:

  • Instructional Director of Science: 21.42%.
  • Athletic Director: 22.21%.
  • Dean of Students: 17.51%.
  • Instructional Director of Wellness: 18.49%.
  • Instructional Director of Math: 16.28%.
  • LFHS Principal: 21.65%.

We can only imagine what the teachers' union thinks with looming contract negotiations.

During the Superintendent's bond referendum campaign, we were led to believe that the school was in dire need of urgent infrastructure repairs and that, in the words of Matthew Montgomery, there was "no fluff." 

What happened to the leaking pipes and wet floors we saw in the professionally produced videos costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars?

Why was the Board and administration's first course of action to celebrate with raises and not put tax dollars to immediate action fixing infrastructure that we were told was falling apart? It looks like there is plenty of money for raises but none for repairs.

We know you are angry and frustrated, and want to know what you can do!

In the coming months, we will organize efforts to involve the community in action to create real, meaningful change.

Remember: Tonight!

Lake Forest #67 Board of Education Meeting

Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at 5:15 PM

Lake Forest High School, West Campus

Don't forget to thank your Board members for these MASSIVE administrator salary increases that were kept quiet until the 180,000,000.00 new taxes were voted on.

District 115

All Board Emails: [email protected]

Jenny Zinser (President)
Ms. Jenny Zinser
[email protected]

Sally Davis (Vice President)
Ms. Sally Davis
[email protected]

Dewey Winebrenner
Mr. Dewey Winebrenner
[email protected]

David Burns
Mr. David Burns
[email protected]

John Noble
Mr. John Noble
[email protected]

Marcus Schabacker
Dr. Marcus Schabacker
[email protected]

John Venson
Dr. John Venson
[email protected]

District 67

All Board Emails: [email protected]

Suzanne Sands (President)
Mrs. Suzanne Sands
[email protected]

Alice LeVert
Mrs. Alice LeVert
[email protected]

Emily Bernahl
Mrs. Emily M. Bernahl
[email protected]

Richard Chun
Mr. Richard Chun
[email protected]

Anne Geraghty Helms
Ms. Anne Geraghty Helms	Ms. Anne Geraghty Helms
[email protected]

Carl Kirar
Mr. Carl Kirar
[email protected]

Jennifer Mason-Marek
Ms. Jennifer Mason-Marek
[email protected]


  • The most recent salary and benefits report can be found here.
  • The 2023-2028 contract for Superintendent Montgomery can be found here.
  • The new contracts can be found here.