School leaders closed our schools a couple of years ago because of an emergency. It may feel like the emergency is over. But, it is not over. State Board of Education's Illinois Report Card reveals that we are squarely in a quiet educational emergency. The statistics are stark.

A Kid That You Know


Perhaps this would not be such a big deal if it was just about boring statistics. But it isn't just statistics; this is about our community's children. Kids who had to stay home with subpar remote learning during critical developmental years are now way behind as a result.

It may not be your child, but it's her friends, and it's about half the kids in your neighborhood. They are behind. And if your child appears to be doing fine, consider whether he or she is proficient but behind their potential.


Isn't this an emergency? Is it not logical to conclude our children's prospects are dimmer than their potential unless we adopt a sense of urgency necessary to catch them up?

As parents, let's expect our school leaders to treat this education emergency with the same attention and seriousness as the last one.

As parents, we must also partner with educators and help them succeed. In that vein, we encourage you to attend this event hosted by District 67's Superintendent.