How did D115 Administration and the Board celebrate their narrow bond referendum victory?

With massive increases to twenty-one administrator's salaries!

District celebrates new taxes with 23% increase to superintendent's salary

Over the coming weeks, Parents Care will continue to uncover this scandalous set of development:

The lining of administrator pockets with generous salary increases and contract extensions following the extremely narrow passing of the $106,000,000.00 taxpayer bond

Remember this is prior to interest being charged, in which case the community will end up paying back closer to $180,000,000.00 in new taxes.

Among those increases was a 23% increase in Superintendent Mathew Montgomery's base salary.
Revere superintendent Matthew Montgomery leaving for job near Chicago

Yes, you read that correctly! Administrators were awarded massive raises as the community got a $180,000,000.00 tax increase against record inflation and a looming recession.

Halfway through a three-year contract- less than a week after the bond vote- the existing contract was torn-up and Dr. Montgomery received a NEW five-year contract with with unprecedented compensation.

Details can be found at the end of this email along with our sources.

The D115 Bond Referendum vote will NOT even be certified until April 20th, and preliminary results show it narrowly passed with less than 100 ballots out of 8,000.

Yet, the D115 and 67 school boards couldn't wait for the ink to dry before rewarding administrators for their pyrrhic victory of $180,000,000.00 in new taxes with massive salary increases.

All of this has taken place against the backdrop of record-high district spending, shrinking student enrollment, increasing numbers of administrators, and record-low test scores; the school boards could not wait to start handing out the rewards for the assumed passage of this record-breaking tax increase

And what happened to the emergency needs of the school?

The District's campaign videos showed leaking pipes and wet floors!

Did they take emergency measures to fix what they told us is currently impacting our children?


They rewarded themselves with massive salary increases.

We will outline more of these administrator salary increases in the coming updates.

Thank your Board Members for these MASSIVE administrator salary increases that were kept quiet until the 180,000,000.00 new taxes were voted on.

District 115
All Board Emails: [email protected]

Jenny Zinser (President)
Ms. Jenny Zinser
[email protected]

Sally Davis (Vice President)
Ms. Sally Davis
[email protected]

Dewey Winebrenner
Mr. Dewey Winebrenner
[email protected]

David Burns
Mr. David Burns
[email protected]

John Noble
Mr. John Noble
[email protected]

Marcus Schabacker
Dr. Marcus Schabacker
[email protected]

John Venson
Dr. John Venson
[email protected]

District 67

All Board Emails: [email protected]

Suzanne Sands (President)
Mrs. Suzanne Sands
[email protected]

Alice LeVert
Mrs. Alice LeVert
[email protected]

Emily Bernahl
Mrs. Emily M. Bernahl
[email protected]

Richard Chun
Mr. Richard Chun
[email protected]

Anne Geraghty Helms
Ms. Anne Geraghty Helms	Ms. Anne Geraghty Helms
[email protected]

Carl Kirar
Mr. Carl Kirar
[email protected]

Jennifer Mason-Marek
Ms. Jennifer Mason-Marek
[email protected]

Additional benefits sprinkled onto Dr. Montgomery's Contract:

  • 32 Paid Days Off
  • Completely Free Health Insurance
  • Fully Paid Retirement Contributions

Conservatively, this is a BEGINNING gross compensation of $450,000.00+ per year.

By the end of the contract term, it will be even higher!

All of this is against the backdrop of the lowest student performance in our school district's history!


  • The most recent salary and benefits report can be found here.
  • The 2023-2028 contract for Superintendent Montgomery can be found here.
  • The new contracts can be found here.