The Illinois State Board of Education released its School District Report Card and Data Set in October 2022. One metric it measures every year is each District's spending on Administration. 

District 67 & 115 Admin Spending is up 38% over last year

Parents Care reviewed the reports for Lake Forest School Districts 67 and 115.  We believe that it is appropriate to combine these two districts when evaluating spending on Administration because of the unique shared Admin services arrangement between the two districts.  What did we find? 

The data reveals a 47% increase in the combined Admin spending in the 3-year span between 2019 to 2022.  More striking is the 38% increase in Admin spending in just one year! These are alarming increases in Administrative spending, particularly during an era of declining student performance at the schools in these districts. Parents Care will work with the School District and School Board to better understand these sharp increases in Administrative spending and will update this blog once we do. 

Districts 67 and 115 do spend relatively less money per student than other school districts in Lake Forest / Lake Bluff and the North Shore.  Roundout District 72 has the 14th Admin spend per student at $1,996, and Lake Bluff District 67 has the 100th highest Admin spend per student at $1,091. 

Ranks Based on 814 Districts with at least 100 students.*Estimated rank

North Shore School Districts Comparison

At Parents Care, we believe that an engaged citizenry should provide oversight and accountability over our public bodies, especially when the product is our children. We'll continue to crunch the numbers and report back to you. Please be sure that you are signed up to receive updates.