Note: At the time of publication, Lake Forest Public Schools did not make any announcements concerning this incident, nor did the administration or the Board of Education comment on it.

Dear Community: 

We are writing you regarding an incident that took place last week at Lake Forest High School.

After receiving a tip from a concerned parent and verifying the story with a whistleblower who works at Lake Forest High School, we can confirm that an adult Lake Forest High School food service worker's employment was terminated for soliciting a relationship with a minor.

As you can imagine, this is not something we take lightly. The steps we have taken to investigate this incident and promptly notify families and taxpayers in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff communicate just how seriously we take our obligation to child safety and the professional standards we expect from our schools.

Our children look to teachers, staff, and building leaders for guidance, support, and mentorship. Anything less is unacceptable.

As a reminder, we encourage anyone with knowledge of past or present misconduct to email [email protected] or contact local law enforcement.

The Text-a-Tip crisis hotline is also available, provided by LEAD at 844-823-5323 (community code: LAKECO).

You may also reach out to Parents Care at [email protected] if you have information about our local schools, positive or negative, that you think should be made public. We always respect privacy and requests for anonymity.


Parents Care
Lake Forest and Lake Bluff

Breaking: Worker at LFHS Fired for Soliciting a Relationship with a Minor