While the District hasn't formally announced it, Parents Care would like to inform you that Lake Forest High School District 115 School Board Member Marcus Schabacker has announced his resignation from the Board effective April 30, citing unforeseen personal and professional obligations. While we have not always seen eye to eye with Dr. Schabacker- mainly regarding his support of the drawn-out District COVID policies, which we believe hurt students, Parents Care wholeheartedly extends our gratitude to Dr. Schabacker for his service on the Board. 
An Unexpected Resignation
Let us be the first to say that, as three dads who have all dedicated many years of their lives to public service, we acknowledge the difficult situation Dr. Schabacker found himself in. Where the current D115 school board has been characterized as a rubber stamp board that votes unanimously on nearly every issue, Dr. Schabacker was a rare voice of dissent and independent thought. 
We can only imagine Dr. Schabacker's frustration at being surrounded by elected school board members derelict in their duty to rein in a superintendent who spends his time politicking and ingratiating himself with the community to justify opulent raises while letting academics take a back seat. 

However, we suspect that the straw that broke the camel's back was his dismay when Dr. Montgomery became hot-tempered and emotional in response to parents taking issue with how employee sexual misconduct has been handled and firing off community-wide emails maligning them as "the opposition" in response.

It's hard to imagine a medical doctor with the time or energy to get his elected colleagues on the same page, let alone single-handedly corral Dr. Montgomery.

While last night's meeting did not discuss plans to fill the soon-to-be vacant position, we hope this will change and will provide updates as soon as we have more information.

Once again, we thank Marcus for his dedicated service on the School Board.

Best Regards,

Parents Care