Next week, the release embargo on the 2022-2023 Illinois Report Cards will lift, and we expect Lake Bluff and Lake Forest Schools to release assessment results soon after.

However, a snapshot preview of District 67's proficiency rates has been released, and after careful consideration, we have decided to share our thoughts on the early preview of District 67's performance.

A Disappointing

To be sure, we are glad that the downward trajectory of academic performance in D67 has stopped, and while these scores indicate some measure of growth on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, we are disappointed that the post-COVID recovery reveals sweeping and severe performance deficits.

To put it mildly, we do not find it acceptable to have 39-54% of our children being left behind by our public schools (not meeting the low bar set by the state of Illinois), especially considering we have some of the highest property taxes funding one of the highest per-pupil spending rates in the entire state.

Is growth better than continuing to sink? Of course, but growth in and of itself is not an achievement!

To illustrate this point, imagine an ER patient in triage who has begun to bleed less. Technically, this is better than bleeding more. However, when he's still critically bleeding, we'd expect our doctors to be in full triage mode- not taking a victory lap around the hospital while the patient lies dying.

At Parents Care, we do not believe it is appropriate to celebrate growth when hundreds, if not thousands, of our children are still being left behind.

In light of this, we expect the Board of Education and administration to take this crisis as seriously and expeditiously as they took getting $106 million and passing generous double-digit raises for themselves.

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